Fundraiser for a public art project with women farmers in Punjab

Thousands of women farmers are protesting at the Delhi borders. The new farm laws introduced by the Indian government are set to worsen already existing inequalities and challenges they face. At all levels of the mobilization women have been at the forefront- from planning, to preparing food, to placing their bodies at the barricades on the frontlines.

Women farmers stand at the intersection of a dual struggle – against the state government’s neoliberal policies on the one hand and patriarchy on the other. As the protests unfold, women have taken up the role of leaders and agents of (much needed, deep seeded) revolutionary change.

More than half of India’s population work in the agricultural sector and Punjab is the largest producer of essential staple grains in the country. The new farm laws will destabilize that grain economy, making the country’s food supply, those who sustain it, and those who depend on it vulnerable to (unequal) global market forces, risking widespread food insecurity for all.

In response, farmers unions from Punjab and Haryana have led hundreds of thousands of farmers from across North India in protest demanding that the new farm laws be revoked.

How you can Support

We have raised 50% of the funds we need to co-create this project

To create a truly monumental mural to women farmers and their stories of resistance in Punjab we need to raise an additional

$5,000 USD

All funds raised will go directly towards this public art collaboration

What you give us will get us what we need:

  • Workshop materials
  • Scaffolding
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Community Transport

These protests have been called the ‘largest protest in human history,’ with over 250 million people joining the protests in solidarity.

What We Will Do

Fearless work is to show up in moments of fear and national trauma and respond by creating beauty as a creative force for resistance.

For this public art project, Fearless will work with women farmers in Punjab at the current sites of protest, to make visible their resistance and lived experiences. To do this, we will use the Fearless Methodology which we have used to co-create over 40 murals across the world. You can see our process in action here.

Art makes us visible to each other

We will co-create a public monument to women farmers and their resistance in collaboration with a women farmers’ organization in Punjab to:

Amplify their protests
Make visible and celebrate the role of women in agriculture
Through their own stories and lived experiences
And affirm the safe and sacred futures we want to inhabit